Social media..

I feel very comfortable to do this Social media unit in the Library Information Service..
This is a great opportunity to learn about Social media tools with Bonnie. Thanks Bonnie..


 Flickr Importr is a tool for Windows that


Flickr Importr is a tool for Windows that allows you to upload images to Flickr and automatically add them to groups and sets. Additionally it can import tags from a variety of third party image applications.

It is a revolution for photo sharing and management plus it has a huge community of photographers who provide great photos there for the world to see.

Flickr is more than a normal image management website. It’s a source of creativity, a pilgrimage of natural beauty, a fun and interesting place for inspiration too (at least for us).

I had no experience with Flickr…hopefully I will use this social media tool in the future, when i start to work in the library.

Ragavendra swamy was a Hindu saint and philosopher. The

ImageRagavendra swamy was a Hindu saint and philosopher.



The worship of Sri Raghavendraswamy, who is the embodiment of Sathya and Dharma (Truth and Righteousness), bestows whatever boon one aspires like Kalpavruksha, the Celestial Tree, and Kamadhenu, the Celestial Cow. Incessant chanting of this hymn is a panacea for all ills and problems in life, especially in this age of tension. Also, chanting of “Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha,” helps immensely.)

You Tube……

I love YouTube very  much…..I am little bit addict with YouTube for to watchImage Movies, Songs and any other interesting programs….YouTube is a video-sharing service that allows users to post personally developed videos of nearly any variety online, from animations to personal recordings. YouTube is one of an emerging class of social applications that allows users to share and form communities around their content. It draws users into engaging content as commentators and creators, activities that heighten students’ visual literacy.

YouTube is open to anyone, which allows there to be just about anything uploaded onto the site. 


I haven’t  experienced with Twitter before.

But to know about Twitter is interesting..Twitter is fast becoming a leading online community as well as a powerful social marketing tool. The beauty of Twitter lies in its simplicity. Compared to other community-oriented web services like Facebook and MySpace. I think that the main advantage of the Twitter is that we can follow any individual, organization or other active pages and get the notification about their ideas, activities and posts. And the negative part of the Twitter is that it is difficult to use and hard to maintain and handle. There are many advantages and disadvantages of twitter. Twitter is generally made for celebrities, it is difficult to use than Facebook. We have to follow other members not able to add friend like as in Facebook.
well, you can gain followers fast and actively connect to them. the problem will be if you cannot control all of them because of differences.

I have a Facebook account. The good thing

I have a Facebook account. The good thing is, I found  long lost friends, someone i haven’t seen in a long time. I feel happy to communicate easily and quickly with my old friends….
But i don’t like to share photos or videos in the Facebook..
Think about how you want to use Facebook. If it’s only to keep in touch with people and be able to contact them then maybe it’s better to turn off the bells and whistles. It makes a lot of sense to disable an option until you have decided you do want and need it, rather than start with everything accessible.



facebook is a fine social site but you jsut have to be careful.However, social networking is fun and really useful for bloggers.